Why Are Some Rooms In My House Colder Than Others?

January 5, 2020

Your living room is perfectly comfortable but your children’s rooms are cold. Why isn’t your home heating uniformly? There can be a few reasons why this is the case. Let’s look into this.

Air Duct Leaks

VentYou could be losing heat in your ducts due to leaks and poor connections. Your furnace can get warm air to some rooms but it is lost in your attic or crawlspace to other rooms. It’s not uncommon that 20 to 30% of heated air is lost in your ductwork. Having a firm like High Country HVAC in Centerville, Utah, fix problems in your ducts can lead to a uniformly heated home.

Closed or Blocked Air Vents

If a room is cold, the first thing to check is that the air vent isn’t blocked or closed. Someone might have closed the vent or put something over it that prevents warm air from being blown through it. Nothing’s better than a free fix to a cold room.


Your Dirty Air Filter Needs Replacement or Cleaning

Your furnace’s air filter removes contaminants and particles from the air. As it gets full, less air can make it through. This means that rooms close to the furnace get heat while far away rooms get much less. Clean or remove your filter every 30 to 60 days for a more comfortable home.

Not Enough Insulation

If you’re in an older home, a room may be cold because its insulation has worn away. As homes built before 1982 often have under-insulated attics, air is often lost through the ceiling. An HVAC company can blow in insulation so that your home is more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Your HVAC Solution in Centerville

High Country HVAC has been helping Centerville residents and businesses since 1986. We have Nate-certified technicians that provide heating, cooling, and air quality services. We specialize in taking the comfort level of homes to new heights. Please contact us today for any inquiries.

Are you interested in an HVAC system that can keep each room at it’s own individual desired temperature? We can help with our ductless mini-split services!

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