How To Effectively Set Your Thermostat For A Multi-Story Home

August 11, 2020

How To Effectively Set Your Thermostat For A Multi-Story HomeEveryone has their favorite thermostat setting that makes them the most comfortable. However, when you have a large home, things can get complicated when there are a number of people living inside. Here is a breakdown on how to effectively set your thermostat for a multi-story home.

Heat Rises

The most important thing to remember is that heat rises. This is a basic scientific principle that is very relevant to a thermostat setting in a multi-story home. Because heat rises, not all the floors of your home should be at the same setting. Switching things up depends on the season, and you want to use a difference of a couple degrees.

Summer and Winter Settings

In the summer, the top floor of your home should be at its desired temperature. From there, cool air will fall to the rest of your home. This evens things out, and soon enough, the whole building will be at a suitable temperature. In the winter, reverse the process. Set the bottom floor of your home to its ideal temperature. Warm air will rise to heat up the upper floors. With a basic knowledge of heat flow, you can effectively cool or warm any multi-story home no matter how tall it is.


Last but not least, zoning is always applicable in these situations. If you have multiple thermostats with each one responsible for a floor of your home, you’re all set. Just use a two- or three-degree difference between each pair as outlined above. Smart thermostats are also great for zoning. In a multi-story home, you can put the main thermostat in a central zone. From there, its smart features will have access to all stories at once.

Setting Your Thermostat

Setting Your Thermostat

In the end, these are some ways to effectively set your thermostat for a multi-story home. Here at High Country HVAC in Aurora, OR, we’re experts at connecting homeowners with amazing thermostats. We’re also here for all your heating, air quality and HVAC requests. Give us a call if you want to get started with an incredible thermostat!

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