Air Filtration

New Lennox Indoor Air Quality Filtration System in Centerville, UT - High Country HVACFiltration has several different options when it comes to the filter in the furnace. It is hard to know what is the best for your home comfort system and for your health. There are the basic filters which typically should be changed monthly, but many of these put an excessive amount of air flow restriction on the equipment, which results in poor performance and high utilities. We also offer filters that can last up to a year with better indoor air quality and a lower air flow resistance; which improves system performance.

Filters are measured on a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating system that ranges from 1 – 16; which describes the ability to capture particulates. The higher the MERV rating the better the filtration. Typical fiber glass filter is a MERV 1, you get great airflow with little to no filtration. We offer filter options like a MERV 11 filter that will last 3-6 months, or our MERV 16 will last up to 1 Year. For those home owners with severe allergies or low immune systems we also offer air purification systems, which are a combination of a MERV 16 filter, UV lights, and a Catalyst to kill off viruses, mold spores, bacteria.

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Lennox Whole Home Humidifier Installation in Centerville, UT - High Country HVACHumidification – the invisible temperature. A homes humidity is the comfort part of a homes’ temperature. A furnace naturally dries out the air in our homes during the winter months; a humidifier can have many benefits for your families health and comfort. It can help with dry skin, chapped lips, static cling and dry nasal passages.

If your home has hardwood flooring, wood furnishings, musical instruments or high utility bills adding humidity can help prevent cracking and damage done to these items during the dry months. Managing a home’s temperature and humidity equals COMFORT. A humidifier can be added to most furnace systems, there are several to choose from; each with its own benefits and requirements for annual maintenance.

Things to consider and compare:
  • Delivered efficiency
  • Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor (OATS)
  • Humidity Quality
  • Humidity Controls
  • Water Consumption (humidity in the air VS. wasted water down the drain)

Utah’s average home humidity is between 10%-18% RH (relative humidity). The recommended humidity setting is between 35%-45% RH, but this does vary based on the outdoor temperature. Having a humidifier with an Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor (OATS), will allow the humidifier to automatically adjust so as to reduce or eliminate excessive condensation on the windows when outdoor temperatures get very cold. The ability to control the humidity, and have the humidifier automatically adjust to outdoor conditions and run without requiring the furnace to run; will make all the difference in the quality of humidity and comfort level in your home.

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The truth about humidification delivery

Typically, the Gallons Per Day (GPD) is based on a home’s heating equipment running 100% of the time, for 24hrs @ 120* F. Since most humidifiers run only when equipment is running (and no equipment runs full-time), they rarely deliver more than 1 gallon of moisture for every 3 gallons that go down the drain.

The ability to control the humidity, and have the humidifier automatically adjust to outdoor conditions and run without requiring the furnace to run; will make all the difference in the quality of humidity and comfort level in your home. An Outside Air Temperature Sensor (OATS), will allow the humidifier to make the proper adjustments automatically.

Air Scrubbers

Pure Air Scrubbers is a technology that treats the air we breathe through filtering the air in your furnace. It sends out purifying agents to destroy allergy causing mold, dangerous bacteria, viruses, chemicals, contaminants and pollutants in the air.


Thermostat Installation in Centerville, UT - High Country HVACIn the recent years there has been a ton of technological advancements made in the design of thermostats. You are able to program your thermostat to lower or higher the temperatures when you are not at home to help save on your utility bills. Even better now, you are able to control the temperature in your home while you are on vacation or on your way home from the office through a WI-FI signal. Changing your thermostat is an easy and affordable way to start to lower your utility cost by simply controlling the temperature in your home.

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Heat Recovery Vent (HRV)

HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation in Centerville, UT - High Country HVACAs building efficiency is improved with insulation and weather stripping, buildings are intentionally made more airtight, and consequently less well ventilated. Since all buildings require a source of fresh air, the need for HRVs has become obvious. While opening a window does provide ventilation, the building’s heat and humidity will then be lost in the winter and gained in the summer, both of which are undesirable for the indoor climate and for energy efficiency, since the building’s HVAC systems must compensate. HRV’s introduce fresh air into a building and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use.

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Lennox iHarmony Zoning Thermostat Installation in Centerville, UT - High Country HVAC


Zoning may or may not be an option for your home. Imagine having your upstairs and downstairs the same temperature as your whole house. Zoning makes this possible. Homeowners are now able to make the temperature of the entire home consistent from one level to another and even from one room to the next. This option does require a 2 –stage heating and cooling system which we are happy to help with.

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