What’s That Banging Sound My Furnace Is Making?

October 20, 2022
Noisy Furnace in Centerville, UT

When the temperature falls here in Centerville, UT, homeowners start turning up their home’s heat. However, when their furnace comes on for the first time in months, it might make some odd sounds that it didn’t before. Banging sounds are some of the most common sounds a furnace might make. Diagnosing what’s causing them, though, isn’t always straightforward. Here are some of the reasons that your home’s furnace could be making a banging sound.

1. Dirty Burners

One of the most common reasons a furnace makes banging sounds is dirty burners. When the furnace’s burners get dirty, they may not ignite correctly. The result is unburnt fuel that ignites where it shouldn’t, making a banging sound as it does. It’s a problem that needs correcting immediately to prevent additional damage to your furnace.

2. Duct Expansion

Another thing that can result in your furnace making a banging sound is duct expansion. When your furnace turns on, the increased pressure in your home’s air ducts could result in a banging sound. It could mean that something in the ductwork is loose or damaged. You also could be hearing joints in the ductwork popping due to a build-up of air pressure, possibly from a blockage. Either way, you’ll want a trained HVAC technician to take a look at your ducts.

3. Blower Fan Issues

When your furnace ignites, it also turns on a blower fan to circulate warm air around your home. If anything obstructs the fan or if the fan malfunctions in some way, it could result in a banging sound. Whatever the cause, a banging sound coming from your furnace’s blower fan isn’t something to ignore. Without a functioning blower fan, you won’t have heat throughout your home. So, this is another reason to call for immediate HVAC service.

Expert Furnace Maintenance

The bottom line is that banging sounds from your furnace aren’t normal. Nor are they something you can afford to neglect. At High Country HVAC, we earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award several times because we have NATE-certified technicians you can trust to provide long-term solutions. We provide our customers with heating, cooling, ductwork, and air quality services.

Centerville becomes too cold in the winter for you to wait long on furnace repairs. Contact the experts at High Country HVAC today to schedule a service call to your Centerville home.

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