The Difference Between Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces

January 11, 2022
Heat Pump vs Furnace in Centerville, UT

In Centerville, UT, winters tend to be snowy, partly cloudy, and freezing. That’s why you need a reliable heating solution to keep your loved ones comfortable and warm this coming winter. This means you must choose the best option between a furnace and a heat pump. The heating and air conditioning technicians at High Country HVAC have prepared this guide to help you learn more about furnaces and heat pumps.

Heat Pump vs. Furnace Overview

Heat pumps use electricity to distribute heat throughout your home. They are an energy-efficient alternative to your air conditioners and furnaces. On the contrary, furnaces use propane, oil, natural gas, or electricity to generate heat and distribute it throughout your house. Let’s discuss the key benefits between heat pumps and furnaces below.


Even though both heat pumps and furnaces require maintenance, heat pumps require more care than furnaces. Furnaces can last over 20 years with proper care, while heat pumps can last for around 15 years. What’s more, gas furnaces have fewer components that require routine upkeep.


Various factors, including where you live, affect the performance of heat pumps and furnaces. For instance, a heat pump might be effective in areas with moderate temperatures since it only distributes heat. On the other hand, furnaces are perfect for colder climates since they generate and distribute heat.


Installation and maintenance costs vary based on your location, access to fuel sources, and heating needs. A gas furnace can be cheaper than a heat pump if your home is near the natural gas line. However, a heat pump can be more affordable if your house is not near the natural gas line.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps have an edge over furnaces when it comes to energy efficiency. However, it’s best to note that heat pumps work harder during the cold winter months.

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