Springtime Preparations for Your AC Unit

March 15, 2022
Spring in Centerville, UT

Spring is when temperatures start to rise and you find yourself switching the AC on. You will want to prepare for this season beforehand by making sure the AC is in reliable condition. One thing that homeowners should definitely get is annual maintenance from an HVAC company. Outside of that, homeowners can handle some minor tasks here and there that can wind up making a big difference.

Increasing Airflow

The air must be able to circulate freely through your home and the AC; any blockages will put pressure on the system, wearing it down and shortening its overall life span. First, check to see if any rugs or furniture are getting in the way of your wall or floor registers and move them. Second, change the air filter if more than three months have passed since the last replacement.

Cleaning the Compressor

The compressor, which is outside, is responsible for dispelling the heat from your home. Inside it is a copper or aluminum coil called the condenser coil. This gets dirty over time and becomes less effective, which can lead to lukewarm air instead of cold air. Cleaning this component, as well as the fins that increase the coil’s surface area, isn’t too hard for the average homeowner. It simply requires a brush, a fin comb, and some water.

Cleaning the Thermostat

You may want to take apart the thermostat and clean up the interior components as this could help the device read your indoor temperature correctly. Thermostat calibration is also an expected part of any professional maintenance plan.

Checking for Abnormal Sounds

During a test run of your AC, listen for any loud banging, rattling, gurgling, or grinding noises. These can point to anything from loose or unlubricated parts to leaking refrigerant and a bad motor.

High Country HVAC has been serving the Centerville area since 1986, and one of our NATE-certified technicians can promptly perform a tune-up for your AC. We also work on ductless mini-splits, repair air ducts, and deal in new construction. Give us a call today!

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