How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

June 28, 2021
AC Cleaning in Centerville, UT

Cleaning your AC unit is probably a task you don’t really look forward to doing. Nonetheless, regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your cooling system is running smoothly at all times. A clogged or mechanically defective air conditioner can lead to higher electricity costs. Avoid expensive monthly electricity bills with this easy-to-follow guide on how to clean your AC unit.

1. Clean the Filter

Your AC unit’s filter is one of the most important parts of the whole appliance. It’s the component responsible for trapping any airborne particles, including dirt and debris, that get pulled in with the air. Vacuum the filter, and be careful not to put any weight on it because it can easily tear or bend. For filters that are extra dirty, soak them in room-temperature water. Add a bit of liquid detergent to loosen up any solid debris attached to the filter.

2. Clean the External Coil

The coil is located in the external portion of the unit. Before starting work on the evaporator coil, make sure the air conditioner is completely cut off from its power supply. Shut off power through the main circuit breaker where the AC unit is connected to. Now that you’re able to clean the coil, spray it with a coil cleaner. Let it settle for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it with water.

3. Replace Coolant Lines

Coolants are transported around your air conditioning system through refrigerant tubes or pipes. These lines are usually coated with a foam-based insulator. Over time, the material starts to wear out or get frayed. If so, cover the lines with new insulator sleeves or insulation tape wrapped around in a spiral fashion.

4. Turn the Unit Back On

Give your air conditioner time to dry thoroughly, and then switch the power to the unit back on. Set the thermostat to “OFF,” and then turn on the power for both the disconnect box and the AC panel. Lastly, change the thermostat setting to “COOL.”

Get Professional Cleaning at a Low Cost

If you want the job done in a thorough manner, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you. We at High Country HVAC in Centerville, UT, can help you maintain your AC unit every year so that it’s ready for all temperature fluctuations. Additionally, you can get your indoor air quality tested and worked on by one of our NATE-certified technicians. For inquiries, maintenance requests, or custom home builds, give us a call today.

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