How Much Pollution Does Air Conditioning Cause?

June 20, 2022
Environmental Health in Centerville, UT

Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about our air conditioning and heating system, but it’s an important factor in our comfort and even our health. It can also, unfortunately, be a big contributor to air pollution. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize that impact.

Do Air Conditioning Systems Really Cause Pollution?

Air conditioning systems use refrigerants, called CFCs and HFCs, to cool down air and return it to your home. These refrigerant chemicals are what make the entire system work, but they’re also harmful pollutants. CFCs aren’t allowed in modern systems, but they’re still around due to how long air conditioners tend to last.

Air conditioning systems also use a great deal of electricity. Although that in itself doesn’t cause pollution, electricity produced through the burning of fossil fuels does. These fossil fuels, which can include coal and oil, release chemicals and debris into the air when they’re burned, lowering the air quality, contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer, and polluting water sources and soil.

The Best Ways to Reduce AC Pollution

You might not be able to keep your air conditioning system from causing pollution, but you can minimize that pollution. Having the system regularly tuned-up can help to make sure that there are no areas where coolant chemicals can leak out. This maintenance can also ensure that the air conditioning system is running efficiently and that it doesn’t need to run for longer than normal.

You can also consider switching to a newer, more energy-efficient system. These systems use HFCs, which aren’t as bad as CFCs. Energy-efficient systems also run for shorter periods and require much less electricity.

Let an Expert Keep You AC System in Perfect Condition

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