3 Reasons Your Furnace Blower Stopped Working

October 18, 2023
Furnace repair in Centerville, UT

Your heating system’s blower pushes the warmed air through your ductwork and into your living areas. When it stops working, you’ll notice a significant decrease in heating output. Furnace blower issues can also be accompanied by burning odors and strange noises like screeching or squealing. Here are the most common causes behind a broken furnace blower motor.

1. Faulty Electrical Connections

Your blower motor needs power to run, which it pulls from your circuit breaker. When this component gets too old or worn out, it can struggle with frayed wires or unhealthy power fluctuations that cause it to short circuit. Feel free to check your circuit breaker for any blown fuses. However, you shouldn’t try to manually adjust or correct any internal wiring by yourself because you may be shocked or electrocuted.

2. Overheating

One of the most common causes of overheating is a clogged air filter. When this filter fills up with debris, it stops the system from being able to pull in enough air. This makes your furnace work much harder and increases the internal temperature in the unit. It can get so hot that the blower motor starts melting nearby wires and components, compromising the system’s safety.

3. Damaged Drive Belt

Your blower also has moving belts that will slowly break down over time due to old age, frequent usage, and constant friction. When the blower’s fan stops working, this is often because a belt has frayed, cracked, or fallen off its track. These belts can squeal and whine when they dry out with the noise getting louder as the damage worsens.

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