3 Major Reasons Why DIY AC Servicing Is a Bad Idea

May 22, 2023
AC Repair in Centerville, UT

AC running costs can sometimes get really expensive, a reason that could make many homeowners turn to do-it-yourself air conditioning servicing projects to save some money. However, you should never attempt DIY AC repair or maintenance. In this case, the risks tend to be more than the rewards. The following are some reasons why DIY AC servicing is risky.

1. Warranty Voiding

A professionally installed air conditioner comes with a warranty. A warranty covers many components of the unit at very little or no cost to you. However, most AC manufacturers will void warranties if they find out the unit was repaired or serviced by a non-qualified professional. Thus, attempting to work on your unit yourself may cost you thousands of dollars in up-front costs.

2. System Damage

AC systems comprise various units that you might be unfamiliar with. If you are watching a video tutorial on how to service them, and your components happen to be a little different, your DIY servicing could lead to accidental damage. Even if you find the correct part, how would you know what to do with it? Damaging one part could affect the entire system’s functionality, which could call for replacement in extreme cases.

3. Risk of Injury

Besides damaging the AC unit, you risk personal harm to yourself when you attempt DIY AC servicing. Residential AC units use around 230 volts, a dangerous amount of electrical current. If you do not know what you are looking for, you risk being electrocuted by faulty wiring. In worst cases, electricity accidents pose a fire hazard to your home. Furthermore, if you accidentally release the potentially deadly chemicals or gases present in an AC unit, you put yourself and your family at risk.

The Bottom Line

When you look at it, DIY AC servicing can do more harm than good. Professional HVAC technicians have years of training and have handled many systems, so leaving the job to them is important. They will fix your AC’s problem and improve its performance.

Rely on the Experts

If you reside in Centerville or a surrounding area, you can comfortably leave AC servicing needs to us. Our team of licensed experts with years of training will handle the job with ultimate professionalism. Call us today at High Country HVAC to schedule a service. If you need indoor air quality, ductwork, or mini-split services, we are here to help. Also, contact us if you need heating and cooling services, including maintenance and installations.

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