3 AC Myths About Cooling Your Home

August 16, 2021
Cooling Myths in Centerville, UT

It’s important to understand how your AC system works so you can get the most benefit from it. Homeowners who take part in AC myths can get frustrated with the results. They often end up paying more in energy costs, too.

Myth 1: Cool Faster By Lowering the Thermostat

Air conditioning systems typically have one-speed fans. This means the fan blows at one speed and can only cool at one speed. Therefore, an air conditioner can’t work faster. It can only cool according to the speed of the fan and the temperature you’ve set. Setting a much lower temperature than normal could actually increase utility bills and take longer to cool the home.

Myth 2: Ceiling Fans Can Keep Rooms Cooler

Ceiling fans circulate the existing air. This can make you feel more comfortable, but it does nothing to actually cool the room. In fact, leaving ceiling fans running in unoccupied rooms is a waste of energy and money. Turn them off when you decide to leave the room.

Myth 3: Turn Your AC Off When You’re Away

In most circumstances, turning off the AC is counterproductive. When you’re gone for the day, it’s better to raise the temperature 7-10 degrees above your normal setting. Returning the air to the normal temperature will be easier to do once you get home. A programmable thermostat can automatically return the temperature to comfortable levels before you arrive home.

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