The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Testing

January 5, 2021

Equipment that burns fuels like natural gas, propane, oil, charcoal or wood releases carbon monoxide (CO) among other exhaust fumes. When exhaust systems fail or equipment malfunctions, the CO can leak into your house. Seasonal inspections of your furnace, gas dryer, gas water heater and fireplace protect you from the threat of CO poisoning.

Professional CO Testing

A technician licensed by a company that maintains furnaces or provides indoor air quality checks will use a portable electronic toxic multi-gas monitor. This is a very sensitive device that can detect trace amounts of CO coming from fuel-burning equipment.

A furnace technician uses this device to check for the presence of leaking exhaust from a heater. The presence of excess CO outside the exhaust vent means that something has gone wrong.

Beyond the furnace, an indoor air quality analysis can check for a range of pollutants, including CO. In Centerville, UT, homeowners can rely on High Country HVAC for comprehensive testing of indoor air quality. The installation of air scrubbers or filters can substantially purify your indoor air. If we find a problem with a malfunctioning furnace, we are fully trained to repair the equipment and halt CO leaks.

How Dangerous Is CO?

CO poisoning in the home kills hundreds of people nationwide every year. As you breathe increasing levels of odorless CO, your red blood cells lose their ability to transport oxygen throughout your body. You will lose consciousness and eventually die.

Prior to fatal exposure, you may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue or nausea as CO levels creep upward. People might think that they have caught a bug when this happens and not realize they are being slowly poisoned. If you feel better soon after leaving your house, this is a strong sign that your indoor air quality is bad or possibly dangerous.

We Prioritize Your Safety and Comfort

High Country HVAC works hard to satisfy all customers completely. We can fix, maintain and replace furnaces and air conditioners. We respond right away when you need emergency repairs. Contact us today.

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