Let’s Hear It for the Modern Furnace

November 18, 2020

At High Country HVAC, we understand not everyone gets as excited about HVAC equipment as we do. That doesn’t mean that we can’t share our enthusiasm for certain HVAC components from time to time, though. For example, the modern furnace, something most Centerville homes have in them, is easy to overlook. However, on a cold winter day, you’re sure to be thankful for the men and women who have made the furnace what it is today.

Central Heating Is Not That Old

Although humans have used fire to heat themselves for all of recorded history, the modern furnace as it exists today has only been around since 1919. In that year, Alice Parker applied for and received a patent for a device that could heat multiple rooms in a home using gas as the fuel. Compared to wood- and coal-burning heating systems of the time, this gas-powered furnace was incredibly efficient.

New Home Styles

If you think about it, modern heating systems from High Country HVAC have changed architecture in countless ways. In older homes, if you wanted the entire interior space to stay warm, you needed a fireplace in each room. Then, you needed chimneys for each of those fireplaces. Plus, you needed a separate structure to hold all of that coal or wood. Therefore, large portions of older homes were devoted to keeping those homes warm. The open-concept design that’s so popular today wouldn’t be possible without modern heating systems.


The reliability of modern furnaces gives you peace of mind that’s hard to match. After all, if you were alive during a time when only wood was used to heat homes, you would have to maintain a supply of chopped timber to ensure you had a constant fuel supply. Even if you were sick or injured, you still had to find a way to keep your home warm. With a reliable supply of gas, though, your modern home can be a retreat when you’re sick, allowing you to get better sooner.

Happy to Help

In the over 30 years since our founding, the professionals at High Country HVAC have been dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. Everything we do, from HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation to ductwork cleaning and repair, is done with a customer-first approach. That’s why we consistently receive five-star reviews for the work we do. To learn more about what sets us apart, give us a call at High Country HVAC today.

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