At High Country HVAC, we know how important HVAC services in Draper, UT are to your home. Whether it is cold or hot outside, you need your heating or cooling system to work when you turn it on. The temperatures are getting warmer, so the first time you turn on your AC is near, and the last thing you’ll want to discover is that your system isn’t working. Our technicians will travel to your home and address any issues you may have. They know how to bring smiles to our customers’ faces.

Draper Repair and HVAC Services

You may have already turned your air conditioner on and learned that something wasn’t right. Our professionals have experience repairing heating and cooling systems, and they can correct any issues with yours regardless of the make or model. They are experts at diagnosing problems with your HVAC equipment, and they can fix almost any malfunction. Whatever is going on with your air conditioner or heater, our technicians can handle it for you.

There are various signs that indicate you probably ought to have your cooling or heating equipment repaired. The cause of an unusual noise is often a failing or broken part. Rattling, squeaking, or knocking sounds should get investigated by an HVAC technician. There may be a musty smell after you turn your HVAC system on.

This could mean that there is mold inside your home. You shouldn’t be smelling anything unpleasant or strange, so this is another case in which you should seek professional attention. A compromised system will have to work harder to accomplish its goal, so a sharp increase in utility bills is another indication.

Of course, the most obvious symptom of all is the system’s inability to heat or cool your interior space to the desired temperature. Any number of causes could be behind this. You might have a refrigerant leak, a frozen evaporator coil, a damaged heat pump, or simply a dirty air filter. That’s why you’ll need an HVAC technician to check it out.

Professional Heating and Cooling Installation

We may recommend that you replace your HVAC system instead of making repairs. This will be the best choice if your system is coming to the end of its life span. If you were to repair it in this condition, that wouldn’t stop it from eventually failing completely, sooner rather than later. So, HVAC installation is a wiser option when you’re facing extensive repairs to an older system.

If these repairs cost more than 50% of the price to replace the system, it is usually a much better investment to install new equipment. The energy efficiency is so much better on recent systems that a modern HVAC unit will save you enough money to pay for itself in a few years.

There are many advantages to purchasing a new HVAC system:
  • Enhanced personal comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Quieter operation

Maintenance HVAC Services in Draper

At High Country HVAC, we recommend annual maintenance for every HVAC system, whether it’s new or old, and it’s a sensible option we offer to our clients. When you avail yourself of this opportunity, you’ll allow us to catch small problems before they become big ones. Your overall repair bills will be less. We’ll optimize your system so that your energy expenditure will be as low as possible.

Besides that, routine maintenance will extend the useful life of your system, and it will keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. We’ll clean all the components and lubricate the moving parts, tighten the electrical connections, and check the safety systems.

You can count on High Country HVAC to offer the best HVAC services in Draper, so call us today for installation, repair, or maintenance.